How Do I Sell My Weight Loss Story?


If you have recently lost a significant amount of weight and are understandably proud of your slimming success, get in touch with the talented team at Sell My Story to find out how you can earn pounds by shedding them!

As a highly regarded press agency, our team will work with you every step of the way as we agree on the best way to handle your story. And because we’re so experienced, you’re guaranteed to get the best deal for your weight loss story by working with Sell My Story.

Whether you’ve lost weight after gastric surgery, shed the pounds after dieting, or maybe you’ve enlisted the help of a weight loss group like Slimming World or Weight Watchers, our writers will talk through the details of your weight loss journey with you. Maybe you lost weight for your wedding, or perhaps you shed the pounds after a bitter break up? Whatever your reason for slimming, we want to hear from you and together, we will agree a strategy to fetch you the best price for your story.

Everything you tell us is in complete confidence and you will work closely with a Sell My Story writer to ensure your story is told in your words, accurately and sensitively. Together, we will agree what makes your weight loss story stand out - perhaps there was a particular turning point or embarrassing photo that spurred you on to lose weight? Or it might be that you slimmed for a special occasion like a holiday? Whatever makes your journey personal to you, you can be reassured nothing you tell us will be published without your consent.

Finally, and perhaps the most important thing to remember when selling your weight loss story, is pictures. The magazines and newspapers are very visual and will need lots of photos to illustrate your weight loss and inspire their readers. We’ll need photos of you at your biggest and then throughout your slimming journey to show your amazing transformation. Again, you choose the photos you provide us with - nothing is published without your say so.

So if you’ve lost weight and want to earn £££s, get in touch today for a confidential chat on 0117 973 3730 and the experienced team at Sell My Story can help you share your slimming success.

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