A Highly Respected, UK-Based Press Agency that Gets You the Best Deal

If you have never spoken to the press before, it can be tricky to know where to start. As a highly regarded press agency in the industry, we help you obtain the best deal for your story by pitching it to various news organisations in the UK. Read the step-by-step guide we’ve put together below on what you can expect when you sell a story to a newspaper or magazine.

Step 1: Tell Us Your Story

You can do this either by filling in our online contact form or, if you would rather, by calling our offices and talking personally to a consultant. Either way, everything you tell us at this stage is in complete confidence.

Step 2: Discuss Your Needs

Together we agree on the best way to handle your story, and what it will take to get it into print. We decide on which magazines, newspapers, or television outlets you want us to approach.

Step 3: Sell Your Story

We’ve been working with the editors of national newspapers and magazines for over 10 years. By using our experience and contacts, we can successfully negotiate the highest possible fee for your story.

Step 4: Write Your Story

You will work closely with a writer to ensure your story is told in your words, accurately and sensitively. It will not be published without your consent.

Step 5: Get Paid for Your Story

A written agreement guarantees your payment on publication of your story. Sometimes we can sell a story more than once to generate even more income.