Take a look at our frequently asked questions below for further information. 

Should I Sell My Story?

We realise that selling a story isn’t for everyone. It’s an important decision, and we make sure you have plenty of time to consider it carefully. Our media consultants are there to frankly discuss any possible negative outcomes, as well as the many positives. We always advise you to talk to friends and family as well.

Does My Story Need to Be True?

Yes - we only deal with true stories. If your story involves medical notes or a court case, we may ask to see supporting documents, such as letters or cuttings from the local press. When you are interested in selling a fictional story, we recommend that you get in touch with specialist publishers, to whom we can direct you.

How Can I Contact You?

I’m Not Comfortable Talking on the Phone Yet – Do You Mind if We Just Chat over Email or Instant Messenger for the Time Being?

Yes, that’s fine. Email stories@medavia.co.uk with your story, or let us know when you’re online. We can’t wait to hear from you!

What Kind of Stories Are You Interested in?

The simple answer? Anything interesting! To guide you, we usually find success with the following stories:


  • Have You Been the Victim of a Shocking Crime? Or Do You Know Someone Who Has? 
  • Did Your Partner Commit the Ultimate Sin? 
  • Have You Been Held Up at Gunpoint? 
  • Violently Attacked or Conned out of All Your Possessions? 
  • Was a Loved One Tragically Murdered? 
  • Have You Been the Victim of Knife Crime? 
  • Have You Survived a Rape Ordeal? 
  • Did You Face Your Attacker in Court And Get Him/Her Convicted? 

Price Guide: You are likely to receive between £500 and £3,000 for this type of story or similar.


  • Did You Meet Your Partner in Strange Circumstances?
  • Did You Meet after a Long Absence? 
  • Is Your Partner a Lot Older or Younger than You? 
  • Did Your Partner Shock You with Something Unexpected on Your Anniversary? 
  • Is There Another Unusual Twist to Your Relationship?

Price Guide: You are likely to receive between £300 and £2,000 for this type of story or similar.


  • Has Your Partner Betrayed You? Perhaps with a Close Friend? Did You Plot to Catch Him or Her out?
  • Have You Sought Revenge from a Love-Rat?
  • Did You or Your Partner Stray? Did You Somehow Manage to Forgive Each Other and Now You Are More in Love than Ever? 
  • Did You End Up Marrying Your Partner’s Sibling? 
  • Did a Relative or Friend Steal Your Partner? Are You Still Friends or Has It Divided Your Family? 

Price Guide: You are likely to get between £400 and £1,500 for this type of story or similar.


  • Have You or a Family Member Suffered from an Unusual Illness or Condition?
  • Have You Given Birth despite the Odds against You? 
  • Are You Addicted to Plastic Surgery? 
  • Have You Had a Dramatic Operation that Has Transformed Your Body and Your Life? Was it a Disaster – or the Best Thing that’s Ever Happened to You? 
  • Do You Have a Fear or Phobia of Something Irrational? 

Price Guide: You are likely to get between £400 and £1,200 for this type of story or similar.


  • Have You Been Anorexic/Bulimic?
  • Are You Overweight? 
  • Have You Shed Pounds? 
  • Has Your Eating Disorder Led You to Find Love? 
  • Did Your Partner Try to Control You with Food? Did He/She Realise How Controlling They Really Were? Did You Work Things out or Did You Leave Them? 

Price Guide: You are likely to get between £300 and £1,000 for this type of story or similar.


  • Have You Had a Holiday Romance? 
  • Did It Lead to Marriage? 
  • Have You Had a Holiday Disaster? 

Price Guide: You are likely to get between £300 and £800 for this type of story or similar.


  • Have You Had an Unusual Wedding?
  • Did You Marry against the Odds? 
  • Were You Left at the Altar? Or Did You Leave Them on the Big Day?
  • Was Your Wedding/Honeymoon a Nightmare?
  • Did Something Happen on Your Hen that Changed Your Life Forever? 
  • Or Did He Overstep the Mark at His Stag? 

Price Guide: You are likely to get between £400 and £2000 for this type of story or similar.

It’s a Weird World…

Of course, your story could just simply be strange! Maybe a pet saved your life, or you want to talk more about your strange fetish, addiction, or fascination.

I’m Not Ready to Tell My Story Now, But Can We Speak about It Later?

Of course! Take your time. We can work at whatever pace you feel comfortable with.

Do You Charge for Your Services?

No - under no circumstances. Our fees are paid directly by the media. We do not take a percentage of your fee, or charge you for our work.

What Magazines/ Newspapers/ Broadcasters Do You Work with?

Just some of our list includes: 

Pick Me Up | Chat | Reveal | Woman | Woman’s Own | Now | Cosmopolitan | Love It | Fabulous

We also work with national newspapers including The Sun, Mirror, and Daily Mail, and have excellent links with broadcasters such as This Morning and Good Morning Britain.

Can I Choose the Magazines My Story Will Appear in?

We think that the best approach is to pitch your story to all the magazines and newspapers. But if there is a title that you particularly like or dislike, we’ll be happy to accommodate your wishes.

Do You Have to Use My Real Name?

Do I Have to Be Pictured?

Will You Need to Contact Everyone Involved in the Story?

Can You Help Me to Promote My Charity?

We’d love to discuss ways we can help. If you’ve got a personal reason for supporting a particular cause, telling your story can be a great publicity move.

Why Should I Choose You and Not Go Directly to a Magazine or Newspaper?

The fact is, if you go directly to a magazine, you may not get the best deal. We send your story out to all the magazines and an auction takes place, which means you will probably receive a higher fee. Also, at Sell My Story, we like to make sure you are dealing with one person throughout the process of selling your story, which may not necessarily be the case if you go directly to a magazine.

When Will My Story Be Told?

Usually, once we have sent your story to the publisher (at the end of step 4) the story will be told within a few months. If you would rather your story was not told before a certain date, then we can advise editors of this. At Sell My Story, we always act in your best interests.

What if My Story Doesn’t Sell?

Our dedicated team use all their experience and contacts to give your story the best chance of selling. But not all stories sell. The good news is that you’ve got nothing to lose if it doesn’t. Your media consultant will stay in close contact with you and will always be just a phone call away. We keep your contact details safe here and will not pass them on to anyone, unless you want us to.

Does It Matter if I’ve Already Sold My Story Before?

No. We can talk about approaching different magazines and newspapers to sell your story for you again. But please let us know where it has been published.

Who Will Write My Story?

You’ll work closely with one of our experienced writers who’ll guide you through the whole process. Once the article has been written, your writer will read it back to you.

I Want to Read the Article before Its Published. Can I Do That?

We want you to be 100% happy with the final article so after writing it, we can read it back to you over the phone. This can be done as many times as you like, so you don’t have to worry. When you’re not happy with something, we will change it.

Can I Change My Mind?

Yes. There is no commitment from you until you sign a magazine/newspaper contract. By then, you’ll know what your story is worth and can make a fully informed decision.

How Much is My Story Worth?

This all depends on the story. Should a story be published, it is likely to be worth between £200 and £2,000. But if the story is strong enough, the sky’s the limit! We’ve sold stories for our clients for more than £20,000.

Is This a Genuine Offer?

Can I Be Paid Upfront for My Story?

In most cases, payment is made following publication. But, in exceptional circumstances, we may be able to arrange for payment to be made earlier.

When and How Will I Be Paid?

Normally, you will receive payment no later than 6 weeks following the publication of your story. For example, if your story was published on New Year’s Day, you will have the money by Valentine’s Day. You can choose to be paid either by cheque or direct bank transfer for your convenience.

Do You Take a Cut from My Fee?

No. All our fees are paid for by the media. Sell My Story is paid for gathering and writing your story and, because our role in the process is very different to yours, we are paid separately. We promise not to take a penny from your fee.

I Have a Friend Who I Know Has a Story. Will You Pay Me for Putting Them in Touch with You?

Wow! Great! Sell My Story is always on the lookout for people who have a tale to tell. When you put us in touch with someone and their story is published, we can pay you a generous ‘finder’s fee’..

I Have a Question that is Not on Here!