Earn up to £1,000 for publishing your story of betrayal in a women’s magazine like Take a Break or Chat.

Perhaps your ex cheated on you with a friend or even your relative? Maybe you turned detective to reveal his affair or even caught them red-handed? Or perhaps you and your partner found a way to work through his affair and have now reconciled and rebuilt the trust in your relationship?

Whatever your story, we want to hear from you!

Our team of talented writers will work closely with you to put together a package including words and photos to illustrate your story, and negotiate the highest fee possible for you.

"Quick and easy"

Shirmaine received £600 after selling her story to a Sunday newspaper and Take a Break. She told us "It’s been such a great experience from the start. It’s all been a quick and easy process and I feel like I was listened to and my story has been portrayed accurately. I'm just really impressed. Once again, a massive thank you for everything.”

Shirmaine Campbell, 27, Manchester - 09/07/2020