I loved my wedding dress but I didn’t expect to fall head over heels for it on my wedding night… By Jemma Russell, 27, Kirkcaldy, Fife

Climbing into the back of the taxi, I felt excited as I giggled with the girls. It was November 2016, and I was headed off for a night out with my friends.

The car rolled to a stop in the town centre and in all the hilarity, I fell out of the car door! My bum hit the kerb, and I burst out laughing as my friends squealed after me.

‘Need some help?’ I heard a voice behind me ask.

Craning my neck, I saw a handsome man smiling down at me.

‘Yes please!’ I blushed, and my hero pulled me to my feet.

As a single mother, I didn’t get out much, and yet here I was, literally falling into the arms of a good-looking stranger.

‘I’m Mike, by the way,’ he beamed, and I giggled nervously as I introduced myself.

It felt like fate, so when Mike asked to buy me a drink, I was thrilled. We chatted all night and exchanged numbers, promising to see each other again soon.

From that night forward, I was smitten.

Mike was perfect, and with three children of his own, he was already a great dad, doting on my daughter Macie, three, as if she were his own.

Just seven months later, we were out for a date when Mike suddenly dropped to one knee.

‘Jemma, will you marry me?’ he beamed, holding out a beautiful ring.

Sliding the gorgeous ring onto my finger, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

We began planning our perfect wedding day, booking a venue quickly for October 2018, giving us just over a year to plan.

Picking out my dress was my favourite part, and I opted for a gorgeous gown with a long white train.

I cried when I tried it on, and knew immediately it was the one I’d marry the love of my life in.

The months passed quickly, until October came around and I finally walked down the aisle to meet my gorgeous groom.

After the beautiful ceremony, we headed to our reception, and I beamed as we entered the room, filled with our family and friends.

We laughed through the speeches and ate our delicious wedding breakfast, before it was time to hit the dancefloor.

Messing around with my bridesmaids under the disco lights, I showed off my best moves in my gorgeous wedding dress.

Turning around, I suddenly felt my foot get tangled in the elegant train of my dress, and before I knew it, I’d hit the deck.

I landed with a thud, and thought back to the night Mike and I had met - how fitting that I’d fall on our wedding day too!

‘Oh, Jemma, you silly thing!’ Mike laughed, as my bridesmaids tried to pull me to my feet.

I laughed as well, until I realised my leg wasn’t budging, no matter how much my friends tried to help.

Hoisting up my wedding dress, I gasped in horror when I saw my leg bone pointing in the wrong direction.

My stomach lurched as I realised my kneecap had disappeared to the back of my leg.

What had my wedding dress done to me?

‘Call an ambulance!’ I cried from a heap on the dancefloor, feeling sick and scared.

I’d just vowed to love Mike in sickness and in health, but I never imagined our vows would be tested so soon.

Hearing the commotion, my guests rushed over to help, but after a few drinks, not all of them were too steady on their feet.

‘Aaaargh!’ I yelped in pain as one of my friends accidentally kicked my leg and another stood on my foot as they gathered round me.

It was all too much to handle. ‘Everybody leave!’ I screamed, overwhelmed and in agony.

Dad ushered everyone out as Mike held my hand, comforting me as I sobbed.

Half an hour later, paramedics arrived and and I yelled out in pain as they popped my knee back into place without any pain medication.

Eventually, I was taken to A&E where nurses stripped my gorgeous wedding dress off me and put me in a hospital gown.

I was devastated - Mike was meant to be the one helping me out of my beautiful dress in our bridal suite after a night of partying with our closest friends.

Instead, my dress was bundled in a corner of the hospital room, where I spent seven hours with my new husband.

Mike showed me what a perfect man he was, staying by my side all night, still dressed in his wedding kilt - with no underwear on!

I was told I’d dislocated my knee cap, and ended my wedding night with lots of pain medication and a bunch of physio appointments booked.

I’m still recovering, but at least I have my amazing hubby with me throughout it all.

It’s not what we had in mind for our first night as newlyweds and I can’t believe my dream dress left me in A&E, but our wedding was certainly one to remember!

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