I hated my size 26 body but the final straw came when an elderly woman gave up her seat for me... because she thought I was PREGNANT! By Bridget Egan, 25

Opening the front door, I shrugged off my coat and threw myself onto the sofa while I tried to catch my breath. 

Trying to walk to the nearby shop was such hard work. I’d always return home hot and sweaty, gasping for air.

But it was worth it for the bag of treats I now had in my possession. Filled with mountains of crisps and chocolate, it was everything I needed for a night in, sat in front of the telly.

My stomach rumbled in anticipation as I thought about what takeaway I would order in that night. I usually got a Chinese takeaway for my son Robert, now three, and I to feast on - it was our weekend treat. Chinese food was my absolute favourite - in fact I’d ordered it every single day while I was pregnant with Robert!

My love of junk food meant I always struggled with my weight. I was born into a family of overeaters and as I got older my obsession with food only got worse.

After having Robert, I weighed in at a massive 24st 10lbs. I felt lethargic and low, and even a few stairs made me feel out of breath and dizzy.

My extra bulk meant I struggled to walk short distances, and I couldn’t really bend over to clean or pick anything up. Even shaving my legs was a huge effort.

When people stared at me in the street I knew they were judging me on my size and eventually my confidence crumbled to an all time low.

Clothes shopping was horrible and I’d often leave the shops in floods of tears as nothing would fit me. I covered up my body in loose fitting t-shirts, hoping people wouldn’t catch a glimpse of what was underneath. Every time I boarded a plane I needed a seatbelt extension, so eventually I stopped going on holiday.

But the worse I felt about my flabby frame, the more I’d eat - it was a vicious cycle. I often gorged on king-sized Burger King and McDonald's meals in a bid to feel better, but the feeling never lasted very long and I was back to feeling guilty and full of self-loathing.

My mum would make comments about my weight from time to time, in a bid to get me to do something - but it never worked.

‘I’m worried about you,’ she often said. ‘Would you try to lose some weight if I helped you? You’d feel so much better for it.’

‘I’ll lose it when I’m ready,’ I replied. But that day never seemed to arrive.

But one day, something happened which forced me to change my ways for good.

I took my dad to a routine hospital appointment in October 2014, and when we walked into the waiting room an elderly lady eyed me with concern.

‘Take my seat dear,’ she offered. ‘You can’t stand up in your condition.’

I sat down, utterly confused, and then it dawned on me - she thought I was pregnant!

I was forced to sit, red-faced, as I waited for Dad to come out of his appointment. I wanted the ground to swallow me up as the embarrassing moment replayed over and over in my mind.

I was mortified, and when we left the hospital I couldn’t help but burst into tears. We went home, where I overheard Dad telling my mum all about the excruciating incident.

I couldn’t believe an old woman had assumed I was heavily pregnant.

Was I really that fat? In that moment, I vowed to change - for good.

‘I’m doing it,’ I announced to Mum. ‘I’m joining Slimming World.’

She was thrilled.

‘I’ll support you,’ she said.

So that week, I joined my local Slimming World group. I found the plan surprisingly easy to stick to and in my first month I lost a stone, which inspired me to keep going.

I enjoyed the huge portions and I still had a Chinese once a week - I just cooked it myself in a far healthier way. I was surprised when I found it was just as nice as the real thing!

I was thrilled when I managed to lose a staggering 9st 10lbs. For the first time, I was able to flaunt my trim figure in fabulous outfits.

My parents were so proud of me.

‘You look fabulous love,’ said my dad as I got ready to go on a night out with my friends.

I loved my sexy new look and since losing my bulging ‘baby bump’ my confidence went through the roof. I became a far more active mum to Robert too, I seemed to have endless energy to play with him.

In November 2014 I met my boyfriend Manan, and now I’m six months pregnant with a real baby! We’re expecting a little boy and we’re so excited.

I was mortified to be told I looked pregnant when I was just fat - but it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me!

Bridget was mortified when a stranger mistook her 25 stone belly for a baby bump, but after losing nearly 10 stone the team at Sell My Story helped her share her slimming success with two women's magazines. If you've lost weight and want to share your story, give us a call on 0117 973 3730.


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