I didn’t think anything of it when my Thorran called me on FaceTime. Until I looked at the screen. By Georgia Mason, 20

I bundled my shopping into a carrier bag and headed outside our local Co-op supermarket. ‘Georgia, this is Thorran,’ my friend introduced me to the tall, dark, handsome stranger outside.

‘Hi,’ Thorran blushed, looking nervously at his feet. My friend later told me Thorran had fancied me for a while, after seeing some of my photos online.

‘Look, I even saved a few pictures to my phone,’ Thorran admitted on our first date. I thought it was a bit strange but I was flattered, and it wasn’t long before romance blossomed.

I’d always wanted to be a mum so when Thorran told me he longed for a baby too, my heart leapt. We were young but we were smitten and we knew what we wanted.

We began trying for a baby immediately and it wasn’t long before I began to feel nauseous. When I watched the two blue lines appear on the home pregnancy test I felt excited, and nervous. Positive.

But when I told Thorran our happy baby news, my nerves melted away. ‘We’re going to have a family, it’s great news!’ he grinned. ‘We’ll get a home together and get married,’ he went on.

His enthusiasm was infectious and although our families disapproved, believing we were little more than children ourselves, I knew that with Thorran by my side I could do anything.

But my pregnancy was tough and fraught with difficulties, and I could have done with some support. But Thorran seemed to be partying more than ever.

I told myself he was young, and just getting it out of his system before the baby came. After all, he wanted to be a parent as much as I did.

But as he enjoyed nights out with his mates, while I tried to take it easy, I couldn’t help but feel we were growing more distant.

‘I’m in hospital, Thorran. Where are you?’ I called him one night after I’d been admitted with kidney issues. I could barely hear him over the boom of the loud music in the background and Thorran sounded drunk. ‘Umm, I’m at a party,’ he slurred.

Clutching my baby bump, I dealt with the doctors alone. But we moved forward and focussed on the baby, and when we found out we were having a little boy, things seemed to improve.

‘It just all feels so real now,’ Thorran smiled. ‘I’m going to have a son.’

Our gorgeous boy, Kaylen, was born in February 2016, and as I watched Thorran cradle our newborn son, any fears I had melted away.

‘Our flat is going to be so lovely, Georgia,’ Thorran told me excitedly, taking my hand. ‘Kaylen will have so many toys and we’ll grow old together.’

We settled well into new parenthood together, until one day a couple of months later, in April 2016, Thorran went to visit his mum.

The pair were close so I didn’t think anything of it, but when Thorran didn’t come home for tea, I thought it was odd.

He hadn’t called or messaged to let me know he was going to be late, and although he often popped in to visit his mum, he’d always be home in time for tea.

By 9pm there was still no sign of him and so, exhausted after a long day with Kaylen, I went to bed.

I was browsing through Facebook an hour later when I was interrupted by a FaceTime call from Thorran. I answered immediately, assuming he was calling to let me know he was on his way.

There’s bound to be a reasonable explanation, I thought. But when I clicked to accept the call, the screen changed and two naked bodies appeared.

I rubbed my eyes through the sleepy haze and strained to make out what I was seeing. I vaguely recognised the girl in the shot as someone I’d been to school with.

I knew she fancied Thorran but the two of us had laughed about it, joking about how desperate she was. Only now, she was in his bedroom at his mum’s house, naked and smirking.

The man she was writhing around on camera with was instantly recognisable… Thorran.

I felt the bile rise in my throat. Thorran seemed completely unaware that she’d called me from his phone and for a few seconds, I watched them romp together, before ending the call.

My heart broke. Kaylen, our newborn baby boy, was sleeping soundly in the next room - while his daddy was having sex with another girl.

Shocked and devastated, I spent the night in tears. I was heartbroken but part of me still wanted to make it work for Kaylen’s sake.

When Thorran eventually came home to face the music three days later, I was overwhelmed with emotion in a way I didn’t expect.

Thorran had been obsessed with me, what had changed? I needed to feel wanted in the same way he’d made me feel at the beginning of our relationship so when Thorran apologised and blamed his infidelity on peer pressure, I felt myself thaw.

‘I’m so sorry. I felt alone, I wasn’t thinking,’ he told me. I didn’t know what to do and, despite myself, we ended up having make-up sex.

But I wasn’t letting him off that easily and I was still considering our family’s future a few days later when I went to the doctor after I couldn’t stop itching my groin.

My GP quickly diagnosed me with genital warts. I couldn’t believe it - Thorran had cheated and given me an STD. Rat.

My blood boiled when my doctor explained that although he could treat the warts, the HPV virus would stay with me for life. It could even cause fertility problems.

Furious, I decided to have it out with Thorran and stormed over to his mum’s house. ‘Dirty rat! You gave me an STD,’ I yelled at him in front of his entire family.

‘Let’s talk about this somewhere more private,’ he blurted, ushering me upstairs. At first he denied it but when he realised I wasn’t going to let it drop, he confessed.

‘I’m sorry, I just want to move on,’ he said, sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands. ‘I want us to be a family.’

There was something about Thorran that could always get to me - but this time, I didn’t know if I could forgive him.

We rowed for days afterwards but Thorran refused to give up on us. And I had to admit, I still wanted Kaylen to be part of a family that loved him and loved each other.

After spending a few days at Thorran’s mum’s house to give us some space to work things through, the three of us returned home to our flat.

Just a week later, Thorran proved his commitment to me and our family, with a surprise proposal. We were outside the Co-op when he got down on one knee.

‘Georgia, will you marry me?’ he asked. People stared as a huge smile broke out across my face. ‘Thorran, what are you doing?’ I laughed. ‘We’re at the supermarket!’

‘I know,’ he grinned back. ‘I wanted to propose where we first met.’ It wasn’t most women’s idea of a romantic proposal, but it was strangely sweet and personal to us.

I knew then that Thorran was ready to commit to me and our family, and I accepted. Since that day, we haven’t looked back and when we married in May 2017, I’d never been happier.

Though it’s hard at times, Thorran and I are happy, and we make our marriage work. The camera never lies and I don’t know if I’ll ever forget what I saw that day. But Thorran is proof that a leopard can change its spots.

Thorran says: “I regret it so much. I feel terrible, what I put her through. I wasn't thinking straight. There was so much pressure from people around me saying I should leave her. I shouldn't have done it and I’m glad she forgave me. I went to my mum’s and everyone was there sort of provoking me saying you should sleep with this girl. I went back to her apologising and doing all I could to make her see I was worth another go and I’m glad we got through it. Sometimes she remembers it and it's hard for her but we found ways to forget about it and to make it less hard when people mention it.”

When asked if he knew the other woman had called Georgia on FaceTime he says: “No, we had music on. I didn't have a clue until after she told me and I was horrified. But I probably deserved it. But Georgia didn't deserve it.”

Georgia was devastated when she saw her husband cheat live on camera, but she wanted to tell her story to show that leopards can change their spots and relationships can work after betrayal. Sell My Story helped Georgia negotiate a top fee after her story appeared in the UK's biggest selling women's magazine. If you have a story to tell, why not get in touch to find out how it works.


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