I was six weeks pregnant when I turned super sleuth to catch my boyfriend Bradley cheating... By Carmen Mayne, 19

As Bradley sidled up to me and offered me a drink at a friend’s party, I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. ‘I’m alright thanks,’ I said, offering a weak smile before disappearing to find my friend.

‘I’m not sure, he’s not really my type,’ I told my friend, who had introduced me to Bradley when I was just 16.

But Bradley was persistent and it wasn’t long before I fell for his charms. We got on so well and I loved his chubby, baby-face.

Generous and romantic, Bradley lavished me with thoughtful gifts. And it wasn’t long before he asked me to move in with him and his mum.

Around a year later, we moved into my mum’s place and after three blissful years together, I was convinced Bradley was The One.

So when I found out I was pregnant in February 2016, it was the icing on the cake.

‘That’s great news babe,’ Bradley beamed, wrapping me up in a huge hug. We couldn’t wait to start our family and spent endless nights talking about growing old together.

‘Just you, me and our walking sticks,’ he laughed. ‘And this little one,’ I added, rubbing my burgeoning bump.

I couldn't wait for our little bundle of joy to arrive and find out everything that the future had in store for us.

Then one day, when I was six weeks gone, Bradley’s laptop beeped with a Facebook message. We were really open and had such a trusting relationship, logging onto each other's social media accounts was just a normal thing we both did day-to-day.

This day was no different from any other as I clicked into Bradley’s profile.

But as I opened the message from a girl whose name I didn't recognise, I had a bad feeling I couldn’t shake.

I could feel my heart hammer in my chest as I scrolled down the screen.

'When are you coming back to me, I'm bored?' she wrote.

In that moment, I knew that the family future I thought we both dreamt of was shattered. My mind raced. I was crushed - but I needed to know more.

I was a huge fan of CSI and now my expert knowledge of the show would pay off as I turned detective.

First, I began my investigation by messaging Bradley's best mate, Ross. I grilled him for clues, but he wouldn't tell me what was going on.

I was no rookie cop, I knew the only way to get him to confess Bradley's affair would be to pretend that I already knew everything.

'Come on, Ross. I know everything already, so you might as well come clean', I lied.

I held my breath as I waited for Ross’s response. But he didn’t keep me waiting long… my plan worked. Ross confirmed my worst fears and confessed Bradley had been cheating on me.

‘He’s been messaging another girl through Facebook,’ he admitted.

I was furious as Ross went on to explain Bradley hadn’t wanted to hurt me, because I was pregnant. It was a bit late for that! Rat.

But I wasn’t done. I continued my Cheating Sod Investigation and did some more digging until I had enough information to storm round to where his floozy lived.

When Bradley sheepishly wandered out of her house, I felt my cheeks flush with rage.

'How could you?' I yelled.

But Bradley simply shrugged and claimed she’d needed a shoulder to cry on. ‘It was just a kiss, that’s as far as it went,’ he insisted.

But my instincts told me there was more to it and when I pushed him, he admitted he wasn't ready for kids.

'Everything was perfect before you got pregnant', Bradley spat.

I’d heard enough then and, cradling my barely there baby bump, I fled to my mate's house in tears.

After spending the weekend there, I was determined to return home and get the answers I needed.

By the time I got back, sneaky Bradley had changed his Facebook password, but this CSI super sleuth wasn't deterred.

I cracked the code in just two attempts and when I logged in I discovered a string of messages Bradley had sent his mistress.

He begged her to stick to his story that they had only kissed, not slept together. I was right!

My heart broke. I couldn’t understand how Bradley could do this to me. We’d been together for years, I was pregnant with his child. The depth of his betrayal shocked me to the core.

I confronted Bradley, and faced with the evidence, he knew he'd been rumbled. He broke down then. ‘We had sex four times, I’m sorry,’ he admitted.

I was distraught. Bradley had cheated just days after we’d discovered I was pregnant. I'd been dreaming of holding our baby in my arms while he'd been in the arms of the other woman.

It was almost too much to bear but after two months, I agreed to give Bradley a second chance for the sake of our unborn daughter.

I tried to rebuild the trust between us but it was hard and Bradley didn’t learn his lesson. When I found Bradley had cheated again, just weeks after our beautiful daughter Brooklyn was born in November 2016, I knew it was over for good.

Now, Bradley barely visits Brooklyn. He's only interested in acting like a stupid boy these days.

Just last month he popped round, gave Brooklyn a quick cuddle then left to play Xbox with his friends. Pathetic.

Brooklyn and I are better off without Bradley. As far as I'm concerned, I had a lucky escape from that Cheating Stupid Idiot.

Bradley says: “Did she mention she cheated on me as well? I never slept with the girl when we was together. No (Carmen wasn’t making it up). We were arguing, on and off, she pushed me away, I kissed this girl and slept with her the next day. But I wasn’t with her. All the women in Grimsby will be looking at me (if Carmen sells her story). It’s a bit psycho isn’t it? She doesn't know the full story, she was pushing me back and forwards, I did kiss this girl, yeah. But at the end of the day I wasn't with her. She was hacking into my Facebook for 8 months, did she tell you that?”

When Carmen caught boyfriend Bradley cheating while she was pregnant, she came to Sell My Story to help her name and shame him. Our team sold her story for the best price to a women's magazine, so if you've been betrayed, why not give us a call on 0117 973 3730 to see how you can get your revenge.


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