When I found out I couldn't have kids, my hubby and I decided to try surrogacy. But nothing could have prepared me for the bombshell waiting for me... By Christina Moran, 26

‘Chris, are you nearly ready?’ I shouted from the hallway, heaving on my coat. My hubby and I were running late for a fertility appointment.

‘Nearly,’ he called back. I’d been with Chris ever since he’d begged me to be his girlfriend in our school days. Back then I’d dream of the days we’d be married with kids and I knew we were soulmates.

I was just 18 when Chris and I got married but I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and I couldn’t wait to be a mum.

But after years of trying we were still just a family of two and, at the fertility clinic, I sat there anxiously awaiting our results.

‘I’m nervous,’ I confessed, turning to Chris, and he took my hand. ‘Me too,’ he admitted.

As we were called into the consultation room, I prayed it would be good news but the look on our doctor’s face gave me a sinking feeling.

‘I’m so sorry,’ the consultant told me. ‘But it looks unlikely you’ll ever fall pregnant and if you do, it’s near impossible you’ll carry to full term.’ The news hit me like a ton of bricks.

‘We’ll never have kids?’ I asked, stunned by what I was hearing. That night, Chris comforted me as I cried. It felt like that perfect family I’d always dreamed of was out of my grasp.

‘We’ll find a way to make it work,’ Chris assured me. ‘I promise you’ll be a mum one day.’

We were eligible for one round of IVF but due to complications we made the heartbreaking decision that it was too risky for me to go through the procedure.

Our fertility issues caused problems in our marriage and by September 2016 we agreed to have a fresh start, moving 300 miles north to Scotland.

While Chris job hunted, I threw myself into decorating our new home and as he came home from an interview one day, it felt like everything was falling into place.

Bounding through the door, he threw his arms around me. ‘I got the job!’ Chris beamed. He started work as a takeaway delivery driver the next day, but there was just one blot in the horizon… we still didn’t have our dream baby.

‘Why don’t we use a surrogate?’ Chris suggested unexpectedly one day and I was taken aback. I always imagined I’d carry our baby but it seemed like this was our last chance.

‘Let’s do it,’ I agreed and for the first time in years, I felt a flutter of hope. Maybe I’d get my dream family after all.

In February 2017, I met my surrogate on an online group and the pair of us hit it off immediately. We spoke everyday and decided we’d start the insemination process in August that year.

I couldn’t wait, and while Chris worked late shifts at the takeaway, I divided my time between buying in the necessary ovulation tests and insemination kits, and my daily trips to the gym.

We were the happiest we’d ever been but amongst the buzz of baby planning, I couldn’t help but notice Chris had started acting strangely.

I knew the local takeaway where he worked closed at midnight, but most nights he wouldn’t get home until 2am. I tried to brush it off, but with the seed of doubt in my mind, other things became apparent.

Chris had been showering more often and sometimes he’d come home in different clothes, but when I asked him about it, he insisted he had been at work.

‘Sometimes we stay open later,’ he told me, promising me nothing was happening. ‘And every now and then I give some of the staff a lift home.’

I gave Chris the benefit of the doubt and threw myself into our baby preparations.

But one day in June, just two months before we were to start our surrogacy, my next door popped over out of the blue.

‘Do you know the girl who always comes round to your house?’ he asked and I was taken aback. We had just moved to the area, so I didn’t know anyone to regularly invite over.

‘Everyday when you leave the house, there’s a girl who comes round,’ he continued as my face dropped. ‘I’m sorry but I think your husband is cheating on you.’

I felt my heart lurch. While I was at the gym everyday, Chris had been sneaking another woman into the house. I was crushed - and when Chris came home, he didn’t deny it.

‘I’m so sorry,’ he pleaded. ‘It was just a mistake, she doesn’t mean anything to me.’ I couldn’t believe this was happening and when I asked who she was, his answer only made me feel worse.

‘She’s a girl from work,’ he admitted and suddenly his late nights at the takeaway made sense. I thought he’d been working overtime to save up for our baby, but instead he was playing away.

I felt like my world had crumbled around me. I’d been with Chris since I was a teenager, were married and trying for a family together - now this.

Chris apologised over and over, and promised to end the affair. While things weren’t completely back to normal between us, I agreed to move forward.

I was devastated but I was so close to having my dream baby and I couldn’t bear the idea of losing everything over Chris’ stupid mistake. I was desperate for us to work things out.

I wanted Chris to stop working at the takeaway but we needed the money, so I agreed he could continue to work there while he looked for another job.

‘It’s over,’ he promised me. ‘We’re just colleagues.’ But I dreaded every time that he left for work.

I tried to put it behind me, hoping our little arrival would fix our marriage but in August, just days before we were due to start the surrogacy insemination, I made a shocking discovery.

I was sat at home while Chris was working late when I saw that his phone had ‘checked in’ at a local restaurant and photos of his date with his mystery woman appeared on our shared Google account.

I couldn’t believe it. Was he still cheating on me?

Hours later, I sat in silence as Chris casually strolled through the door, chucking his coat over the banister.

‘How was work?’ I asked, waiting for the inevitable lies that followed. ‘It was busy tonight,’ he answered, joining me in the living room. ‘I haven’t stopped all day.’

I couldn’t take this any longer. Feeling the bile rise in my throat, I confronted him, showing Chris the pictures of his romantic evening.

I expected him to beg for forgiveness but Chris just sat next to me, not saying a word. I waited for his explanation but as he slowly admitted to everything, Chris dropped another bombshell.

‘I’m so sorry, Christina, it’s true, I haven’t stopped seeing her,’ he confessed. ‘But there’s something else you need to know… she’s pregnant.’

I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. The one thing I couldn’t give Chris naturally was a baby - now he was having a family with his floozy. It was almost too much to bear.

Through my tears I told Chris he needed to leave, and as he packed his bags, I watched my fantasy of a perfect family slip away.

My heart broke as I cancelled our surrogacy plans but, although I blamed myself at first, it was the wake-up call I needed to kick Chris out for good.

Now, I’m trying to move on but it’s not easy. Chris has moved in with his other woman just seven doors down from me. Every time I see her growing bump, it reminds me of what I’ll never have.

I’ll never forgive Chris for what he’s done. He’s not only wrecked our marriage, but he’s robbed me of my chances of having a baby too.

I’m currently trying to divorce Chris so I can draw a line under my ordeal for good. I still can’t believe that rat was knocking up another woman while we were starting surrogacy.

When asked if it was correct that he was planning surrogacy with wife Christina when she found out he was cheating on her, Chris said: “Yeah.”

When asked if that surrogacy process ended because he was cheating on Christina with the woman he’s with now, Chris said: “Yeah… I’ve got no comment on the situation. That’s it, thank you.”

Christina was devastated when she caught her hubby cheating during their surrogacy process. If you've been betrayed or have a cheating story you'd like to share, give our team a call and we'll explain how it works.


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