I love tuning into Corrie each week, but I never thought a trip to the famous cobbles would give me my dream body... By Rebecca Lawson, 22, Chester

I pulled on my pyjamas and slumped on the sofa. I was exhausted after a long day at my job as a senior carer, and I had been looking forward to relaxing in front of the telly.

I’d spent the entire day on my feet, and my joints ached badly from the strain. I kicked off my shoes and curled up in my favourite spot, before reaching for the remote control.

Time for Corrie.

I’d watched my favourite soap, Coronation Street, for years, and it was part of my weekly routine. While I waited for it to come on, my stomach grumbled. I needed dinner, but I didn’t really fancy cooking - I was far too tired.

I pulled out my phone and browsed through a list of takeaway options instead. After a few minutes, I knew what I wanted - a huge pizza, with chips and a full fat coke.

I felt giddy with excitement when my order arrived and piled my plate high, but after munching my way through the lot, I felt consumed with guilt.

It was always the same old story. I’d always been a bigger girl, even when I was a child. I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I bulged out of my school uniform as a teenager and was bullied terribly as a result.

Eventually, I was forced to move schools, but the weight continued to creep on. I comfort ate to cope with my insecurities, which only made the problem ten times worse.

As an adult I weighed in at a whopping 21 stone and I crammed my flabby frame into size 26 clothes. It was a struggle to find uniform which fitted me for work and for casual wear I had to shop in supermarkets, as they were the only places which stocked my size.

Even when I did find an outfit which fitted me, I’d opt for drab, baggy tops and loose fitting trousers in a bid to hide my lumps and bumps. As a result, my confidence hit rock-bottom. I painted on a smile in front of my family and friends, but inside I was crippled by self-doubt.

I knew I was big - but I lacked any real motivation to do anything about it. I failed at every diet I tried and the only thing that made me feel better was sitting down with a takeaway and watching Coronation Street.

So when my friend Hannah invited me on a tour of the set in November 2015, I jumped at the chance. I couldn’t wait to visit all the famous landmarks, and I was so excited in case we caught a glimpse of my favourite characters on set.

But as we made our way from the car to the famous Corrie cobbles, we realised the lift at the NCP car park was broken.

“We’ll just have to walk down the stairs,” Hannah said, and I felt a familiar wave of dread. Even walking down the street to the corner shop felt like hard work to me, and I knew I’d struggle with walking up and down several flights of stairs.

By the time we reached the bottom, I was struggling to catch my breath. I spent the day huffing and puffing and I felt rubbish as I waddled around the Rovers Return. It should have been the chance of a lifetime, but instead I was struggling to heave my weight around the set.

Afterwards, my television soap shame played on rewind in my mind, over and over again. We were given a few photographs to remember the day, and in one of them we’re posing proudly behind the bar. I couldn’t help but think I looked like a fat barmaid, and although I tried to put the day to the back of my mind, eventually I snapped.

I had tried diets before, but none of them had ever stuck. But this time, something felt different. It wasn’t just about how I looked anymore - it was about how I felt, and I was clearly in no fit shape if I couldn’t even tackle a flight of stairs without gasping for air.

I vowed to change, and joined Slimming World with a friend in April 2016. Having someone there gave me a bit more confidence to walk through the doors, but I needn't have worried - everyone was super friendly and supportive towards me.

I left feeling like I had just made a big group of new friends, and like I had a real opportunity to make a change to my lifestyle.

I didn’t really know how to cook at first, so I bought a few Slimming World ready meals and went from there. I started to re-educate myself about what was good for me, and whenever my willpower faltered I only had to think back to the way I’d breathlessly shuffled round the Street and it spurred me on.

I learnt a few Slimming World recipes and taught myself how to cook homemade, healthy meals from scratch, and as the weight fell off my confidence soared and I started to feel more in control.

When I lost more than a stone in my very first month, I was thrilled. As I nervously watched the needle hovering on the scales, I almost hugged my consultant in excitement!

Since then I haven’t looked back. I joined a gym and now I go five night a week - I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and I’m enjoying it too.

Now, I’ve lost a staggering 10st 7lbs and I’ve shrunk to a slinky size 10. I’m like a completely different girl and people often do a double take when they see me.

I’m now a Slimming World consultant at the very same group which helped me lose weight - and I love it. I adore helping others achieve their goals, and I always tell them that if I can do it, so can they! I’ve finally got my dream body - and it’s all thanks to those famous Corrie cobbles!

When Corrie fan, Rebecca, huffed and puffed her way round a tour of the Rovers Return she vowed to act and after shedding over 10 stone, the team at Sell My Story helped her share her slimming success with the readers of Take a Break. If you've lost weight and want to tell your story, contact us to find out more about how it works.


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