I thought I'd hit the jackpot with my sugar daddy fiance, but then a phone call revealed Steve's seedy secret... By Emma Speare, 30

Clutching my bags, I desperately stared at the boarding screen. It was August 2017, and I was running late for my flight.

Spying my gate number, I felt a surge of panic as I realised it was, of course, at the other end of the airport.

I started to run, convinced I would miss my flight when a male voice took me by surprise.

‘What gate do you need?’ a handsome airport worker asked, scooping up my bags.

Flustered, I showed him my ticket, and before I knew it, he was already speeding away with my belongings.

‘I’m Steve, by the way,’ the airport superman called out breathlessly, flashing me a cheeky smile as we finally reached the gate, making me blush.

Steve raced up the steps to the plane and chucked my bag onto the seat, before quickly scribbling his number on a piece of paper and handing it to me.

‘Call me sometime,’ he winked, then jumped off the flight as the plane prepared for take off.

I was shocked but flattered, and as my plane took off, my head was in the clouds as all I could think about was him.

I typed out a text to my hero Steve, hitting send as soon as my plane hit the tarmac. I’d barely reached airport security by the time my phone pinged with a message.

From then on, I was on cloud nine, constantly checking my phone for his texts. Steve was funny and charming, and full of endearing compliments.

We arranged to meet when I got back, and my heart was beating fast when I finally met him for dinner.

Steve seemed older than the normal guys I dated, but in all the fun, I hadn’t really paid much thought to his age until our date.

‘I’m 55, does that bother you?’ Steve asked, blushing.

I was shocked. I could tell Steve was older, but I hadn’t thought he was in his mid 50s! I was only 30, and although I’d dated older men, 25 years was a huge age gap.

But Steve was amazing and made me feel so special. Besides, I was tired of immature boys my age.

Reaching out, I squeezed Steve’s hand reassuringly. ‘I don’t mind,’ I smiled, and Steve beamed back as he pulled me forward for a kiss.

After that, Steve and I were inseparable, wrapped up in our exciting new romance. I loved the way he made me feel, and Steve was constantly spoiling me with presents and fancy dates.

It felt amazing to date a true gentleman who knew how to treat a lady, but my friends and family weren’t so pleased.

‘He’s old enough to be your dad’ a close friend laughed, but I shrugged it off.

At the end of the day, it was our relationship, and it was only Steve’s opinion that mattered to me.

Our relationship was perfect, when Steve turned to me in October 2017, full of nerves. Panic rose in my chest, but as Steve dropped to his knee and pulled out a ring, my heart soared.

‘Will you marry me?’ Steve blurted out, and I jumped into his arms.

Steve slid the huge rock onto my finger, and as I smooched my fiance, I felt so lucky to have found him.

After years of dating young immature guys, I’d finally fallen for an older man who made me feel like a princess, and I couldn’t wait to become his queen.

With a gorgeous ring placed firmly on my finger, I excitedly began to dream about my special day.

I was relaxing at home, my mind swirling with wedding ideas, when my phone popped up with Steve’s number.

I answered the call from my wonderful fiance, when an angry woman’s voice demanding to know who I was stopped me dead in my tracks.

‘I’m Steve’s fiancee, who are you?’ I snapped back.

‘No, I’m Steve’s fiancee!’ she announced, and my stomach twisted.

I listened in horror as the mystery woman told me she’d been dating Steve for months, before he’d even met me.

Suddenly, I heard Steve’s voice in the background, followed by a scuffle and then the line went dead.

I tried to ring back, but I couldn’t get hold of Steve, my calls going straight to voicemail. What was going on?

I paced the floor of my living room, my heart racing. I’d hoped dating an older man would save me from being cheated on, but clearly age hadn’t stopped Steve from acting like a boy.

Cheating and then blocking my calls, it was all extremely immature. I felt so betrayed. My family had warned me off Steve, but I never expected my silver fox to be a rat!

The anger bubbled up inside me, when I heard a car pull up outside, followed quickly by a knock at my front door.

I threw open the door, and my heart sunk as I stared up at Steve… and he wasn’t alone.

Stood right next to him was his mistress, and my jaw fell open in shock as I realised she was even younger than me!

I demanded answers, and as the sordid details poured out of their affair, I felt my heart breaking more and more.

Steve had picked up his excess baggage at the airport, which devastated me further, hearing how similar their meeting was to our love story.

I couldn’t believe he’d taken me for a ride, and slammed the door in their faces. Hot tears streamed down my face as I watched Steve disappear into the car and speed away with his mistress.

Steve hounded me with apologies, begging for a chance to explain, but I’d seen and heard enough.

I tried to move on with my life and put my sugar daddy rat behind me. I changed my number, and blocked Steve from everything in an attempt to move on.

But as the months ticked by, my heart ached for the man I once loved. Steve was my everything, and it hurt to not know what was going on in his life.

So six months later, in April 2018, I sent Steve a text, just to see how he was. Quick as a flash, he responded, and we arranged to meet for coffee.

With Steve sat across from me, my heart fluttered as I realised how much I’d missed him.

When he told me he’d made a huge mistake and that things were over with the other woman, I felt my old feelings come rushing back.

Steve had betrayed me so badly, but I wanted to give our love another chance.

‘If you ever hurt me again…’ I started to say, when Steve stopped me. ‘Never, I swear’ he promised, before sealing it with a kiss.

Since then, things have been perfect and when Steve proposed - again - in July 2018 with a brand new shiny ring even bigger than before, I’d never been happier.

I’ve forgiven him and I can’t wait to be Steve’s wife, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day I discovered my sugar daddy fiance cheating - with a younger woman!

Steve says: “I’ve always dated women around the same age [as myself], and I had been married for 10 years until 2010, but with Em, it was an attraction thing, I really wanted to be with her. I did start dating that other woman, yeah, but as soon as I did, I thought why have I done this, and I regretted it. I was really upset with myself, because I thought so much of Emshey, and we were just starting to get somewhere, and I thought it was going good between us, but then this other woman came along. It is all my fault. I only ever got engaged to Emshey - she was lying, just saying that to upset Em and stick something between us. I didn’t think Emshey would ever give me another chance, I didn’t think she’d ever speak to me again. I was really upset about that, because of the two [women], I thought a lot more about Emshey than I did about this other woman. I am absolutely ecstatic about being back with Emshey. Everything has been going better than what I could have imagined. It’s really exciting, like every time the phone goes, my heart skips a beat. I’m really happy to be with her. I’ve not even looked at anybody or spoken to anyone, because I feel so bad inside, and I’m really trying to make it up in any way to Emshey. I’m doing everything I possibly can. I always thought if someone came along that was perfect for me, I’d give it 200%, and I really feel as if Emshey is The One, so I’m giving it 200%.”

Emma was shocked when she found out her older man was cheating with an even younger woman, but when she forgave Steve she decided to share her story with the readers of a women's magazine. We negotiated the best price possible for her so if you're keen to sell your story, why not get in touch? 

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