Matt was thrilled when I fell pregnant. So what was he doing in the woods late at night? By Robyn Newman, 28

Logging into Plenty of Fish, my heart skipped a beat as I spotted an unread message in my inbox.

It was May 2014, and I hadn’t held out much hope for finding the love of my life online.

But staring at the little notification, I couldn’t help but feel excited at the prospect of meeting someone new.

Clicking onto the profile, I was pleased to see a handsome stranger with soft brown eyes and a cheeky smile - just my type.

Nice to meet you, he’d typed, and my heart fluttered.

I took a deep breath and sent a message back, and to my joy, he responded immediately. We messaged all day, and it didn’t take long before the texting became flirty.

I was blushing behind my screen when Matt suggested meeting up for a drink. Feeling nervous, I agreed to a date, and a few days later, we were face to face for the first time.

As soon as Matt smiled, all the butterflies in my stomach flew away and I couldn’t believe how at ease he made me feel.

We chatted like we’d known each other all our lives, and when Matt ended the date with a kiss, I knew I was already smitten.

From that very first date, we were inseparable, and I suddenly couldn’t remember life without him by my side.

It wasn’t long before we moved in together, and in February 2015, we found out I was pregnant.

It was a shock to have happened so early on, but somehow it felt right and we were both so excited.

Matt was amazing and so thoughtful, and I could tell he’d be the perfect daddy to our baby.

I gave birth in October 2015, and as I watched Matt cradle our newborn baby, I just knew that Matt was The One.

I took it as a sign that the next year was a leap year and in February 2016, I asked Matt to marry me.

‘I’d love to,’ Matt beamed, and all my nerves melted away as he enveloped me in a giant cuddle.

I was over the moon that Matt had said yes, and a few months later, we discovered I was expecting our second child.

We welcomed our latest addition in January 2017 and my perfect family was complete. I settled into motherhood with ease, and loved caring after my two beautiful kids.

But over time, Matt grew distant and cracks began to appear in my idyllic little home. He never seemed to have time for our family, and I couldn’t understand why.

Matt had been so happy when I’d fallen pregnant, but now our babies were here, it was like he couldn’t care less.

I missed how close we used to be and in August 2018, Matt headed off to work as usual on a Monday morning but sent me a text moments after leaving.

We need to talk… he wrote. And I felt a nervous knot tighten in my stomach.

My hands shaking, I rang Matt immediately but he wouldn’t answer my calls. I sent text after text, demanding to know more about what he wanted to talk about.

Matt tried to palm me off with saying we would talk after work, but I needed answers now. I begged him to come home early, and eventually, Matt reluctantly agreed.

Walking through the door, Matt kept his eyes fixed on the ground and I knew he’d done something terrible.

‘I slept with someone else,’ Matt blurted sheepishly, and my heart shattered.

The bile rose in my throat as my fiance explained he’d cheated twice a few months earlier.

My thoughts raced to the bedroom, praying he hadn’t done the deed in our own bed.

The dirty rat admitted his romps had been in the woods not far from our house, and I felt disgusted by his actions.

‘Do I know her?’ I cried, and Matt’s face fell. My heart broke when he told me his mistress was my friend, Jemima.

We’d known each other for years, and I thought she was someone I could trust, but now she’d committed the ultimate betrayal.

Devastated, I stormed straight to her house but Matt had forewarned her and Jemima was nowhere to be found.

Returning to our broken home, I put on a brave face for our children as thoughts of Matt and Jemima raced through my head on repeat.

My head was a mess as I tried to figure out what my next steps were, but I barely had time to think before the next bombshell hit.

Foolishly, I’d thought things couldn’t get any worse, but just a few days later, Jemima announced her pregnancy on Facebook.

Confronting Matt, he admitted he knew Jemima was pregnant and that’s the only reason he’d come clean about cheating.

Tears filled my eyes as Matt confirmed there was a chance he could be the father.

‘It’s over with Jemima now,’ Matt pleaded, and as much as my heart was broken, I wanted to believe him for the sake of our children.

Looking at the innocent faces of our kids, I felt I owed it to them to give their daddy one last chance for our family.

I warned Matt that he was on his last legs, but as he wrapped me into his arms, I couldn’t help but feel love for him despite everything.

It was tough, but slowly we started to rebuild our relationship, and I started to feel hope for our family after all.

Matt seemed to be back to his usual self, and as I began to prepare the house for Christmas, I couldn’t wait to see the look on our kids’ faces when they opened their presents.

But a week before Christmas, my world was rocked once again as a friend told me she’d spotted Matt and a heavily pregnant Jemima out on a date.

They’d been seen enjoying the Christmas lights parade, and my blood boiled as I imagined them acting like a happy little family, all whilst ripping ours apart.

As soon as I confronted Matt, he admitted to everything, but with Christmas around the corner, I knew I couldn’t kick him out.

The children were so excited, so I plastered on a smile and acted happy as they ripped open their presents, even though my heart was breaking inside.

With the wrapping paper in the bin and the toys put away, it was time for Matt to leave.

By the time New Year’s Eve rolled around, Matt had packed his bags and disappeared, leaving me to welcome in 2019 on my own.

I started the year single and miserable, but I focused on my beautiful kids and as I watched them playing with their new toys, a smile soon appeared on my face.

Jemima’s pregnancy played on my mind, and as much as I tried to forget it, I couldn’t help but check her Facebook.

In February 2019, Jemima gave birth, and a week later, a DNA test confirmed the baby was indeed Matt’s.

He and Jemima aren’t together, but it hurts knowing he sees their baby and I have nothing to do with the deceitful duo now.

When Matt told me he’d impregnated my friend in the woods, I couldn’t see the woods for the trees.

But I’m so glad I finally gave that rat the chop!

Matt says: “Yeah (I feel bad). Yeah (we’ve split now). Yeah (I regret what happened). Yeah (Jemima fell pregnant during the affair). I do (see the baby now) yeah. I’m happier now, sort of.

Jemima says: “What magazine are you? Right, ok. Well, I don’t want to take part in this. Yep, that was what happened.”

Robyn was devastated when her fiance and father of her children cheated on her with her friend. We helped Robyn publish her story in a leading women's magazine, helping her get closure as well as securing her a top fee. If you have a story you want to share in the press, give Sell My Story a call to find out how it works.


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