Michaela was looking forward to celebrating the most important day of her life, but she got an unexpected visitor…

My stomach fluttered with butterflies as I wrapped my scarf around my neck and pulled on my coat.

As I walked to the cute coastal cafe we had agreed to meet at, I couldn’t help but wonder what Lee, 32, would be like in person.

We had been chatting online for a few weeks, and he seemed really nice. He was from Swansea, Wales, just a few miles away from where I lived in Burry Port, and we had loads in common.

He eventually asked me out for a coffee so we agreed to meet on New Year’s Eve, 2015, during the day. I was really nervous but luckily, I fancied him straight away and we had an instant spark.

Lee was serving in the Army so spent most of his weeks training in Swindon, returning to Wales at the weekends. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, of course, and soon enough we were head over heels in love and really cherished our time together.

Five months later, in May 2016, we had some surprising news. I had been feeling unwell for over a week, and my colleague Lisa went out on her lunch break and brought a pregnancy test back with her.

‘You’re mad!’ I exclaimed when she dumped the test on my desk.

‘I just thought it’s best to take it, just to rule it out,’ she said with a smile. ‘Better to know either way.’

I rolled my eyes and went into the toilets to take the test. When I saw two blue lines appear on the white stick, my mouth fell open in shock.

‘It’s positive,’ I muttered to Lisa.

‘That’s amazing!’ she said, throwing her arms around me. ‘Isn’t it?’

I nodded weakly. I was happy, but shocked. Lee and I had only been seeing each other properly for five months - how would he take the news?

Since it was a Monday, I knew I wouldn’t see Lee until the Friday night. There was no way I could wait until then to tell him, so I sent him a photograph of the test and held my breath as I waited for him to respond.

‘I knew it,’ he typed in reply. ‘This is amazing.’

It turned out Lee had suspected I was pregnant for a while and was far less shocked than I was. He was over the moon and couldn’t wait to become a father.

It was a very long week waiting for him to return home, and when I picked him up from the train station on the Friday, he got in the car and we both burst out laughing. Lee looked like he might burst with excitement.

The baby might not have been planned, but we were both over the moon. Although it was a shock, it meant that in nine months we would have a little bundle of joy to look forward to.

Over the next few weeks, I struggled badly with nausea. Everything made me feel sick - if I was hungry, if I was full, strong flavours or smells. Even Lee’s deodorant made me feel like vomiting.

It was difficult, but Lee looked after me every weekend he was home and one night while we were watching television he turned to me with a serious look on his face.

‘We should get married,’ he blurted out.

‘Excuse me?’ I replied, laughing.

‘Before the baby is here in February,’ he said. ‘That way we can be a family.’

‘Ok then,’ I said before grinning at him. It wasn’t exactly the most romantic proposal, but as we went shopping for rings together, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

In September, Lee got stationed out in Germany with the Army. We were gutted that he was missing so much of the pregnancy but we spoke all the time and I kept myself busy with wedding planning.

We invited 40 guests to celebrate our big day with us and in December 2016 we tied the knot in my local church.

The ceremony was perfect and I was on cloud nine as we exchanged our vows. Now and again I would feel a fluttering in my stomach, but I just dismissed it as excited butterflies.

As I proudly posed for pictures with my new husband and my 34-week bump, I was on top of the world.

I had a brilliant time talking to all our guests, and each one commented on how beautiful I looked. I felt like a total princess. Afterwards, we cut our cake and celebrated with guests, before leaving for a luxury hotel.

That evening, Lee and I and had a lovely three-course meal, before going back to our honeymoon suite to open our wedding cards.

I was so happy as I sat on the bed to open our wedding cards, but suddenly, I felt really strange. That’s when I looked down and realised… my waters had broken.

My heart stopped as I wondered what I needed to do and I sat as still as a statue as I looked at Lee in horror.

‘What’s up?’ he asked.

‘I think my waters have broken,’ I whispered. ‘I feel really strange… and damp.’

I was completely confused. I’d felt hardly any pain, but my waters had most definitely broken.

‘I think I’m in labour,’ I said quietly. ‘We need to get to the hospital. But first we need to pick Mum up from Burry Port.’

‘Have we got time for that?’ Lee asked incredulously. ‘Don’t we need to just get straight to the hospital?’

‘Mum will be gutted if she misses this!’ I said, as I frantically grabbed my coat and keys. I remembered to grab a pair of pyjamas as well, and looked sadly at the king-sized luxury bed in our honeymoon suite as Lee held open the door for me.

‘I was really looking forward to sleeping in that bed,’ I said to Lee as we left.

So off we went to the hospital, stopping off to pick up my mum on the way.

‘Well, you’re definitely in labour,’ a midwife said as she examined me. ‘And it won’t be long before your baby makes an arrival.’

‘But it’s my wedding night,’ I moaned, as I was forced to put on a hospital gown. ‘And it’s far too early.’

‘Sorry love,’ she smiled. ‘This baby won’t wait, I’m afraid.’

Lee stayed by my side as my mum had the task of telling all the family that I was in hospital having the baby.

My labour was painful but not very long - just after midnight, little Toby came into the world, weighing 6lbs 6oz.

I can’t explain the huge rush of love I felt when the midwife put him onto my chest. He looked so cute wrapped up in a blanket - a proper bundle of joy.

‘Hello little boy,’ I whispered. ‘Welcome to the world.’

‘He certainly picked the best time to arrive,’ Lee joked as he wrapped his fingers around his thumb. ‘He’s absolutely perfect.’

We were allowed to have a little bit of time in our magical bubble, cuddling up with our little boy, before doctors whisked him away to be cared for.

The midwife explained that Toby would need a little extra care, as he was premature. He was perfectly healthy but they needed to keep him in for observation and to help him feed.

We had to wait 18 days until we could take him home. It meant spending Christmas Day apart from him which was difficult, but after spending time with our families we went up to visit him. Family and friends rallied around us, buying us things to prepare for Toby’s early arrival.

Now, he’s my best friend and I can’t imagine life without him.

This year we intend to celebrate Christmas - and our wedding anniversary - properly with our gorgeous little boy.

And although I missed out on spending my wedding night in a luxury hotel suite with my gorgeous groom, Toby was totally worth it. He’s the best wedding present I could have ever wished for!

Michaela certainly got more than she bargained for on her wedding day! If you have a wedding story to tell - perhaps your day was a disaster, or was extra special for a poignant reason - why not give us a call? We can guarantee you the best price for your story.


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