There was one huge issue driving us apart… my hubby’s 27 stone belly! By Lisa Abbott, 35

Arriving at the restaurant my stomach churned as I saw the greasy food flying out the kitchen. ‘Table for two please,’ my husband, Simon, said excitedly.

‘And a half!’ I added, pointing at his bulging belly. Weighing 27 stone, Simon’s hulking frame was a running joke in our family.

But he was unfazed by jibes, borne out of concern, and after we were shown to our table, Simon ordered the biggest dish on the menu.

We’d always loved food since we met as teenagers, but after we tied the knot in 2010, I knew I had to shed my frumpy image.

All those meals out were taking their toll, and soon I couldn’t ignore my growing size what figure anymore. ‘I look awful,’ I moaned to Simon.

‘You look beautiful to me,’ he reassured. But I knew I needed to shape up, and in 2012 I gave up the junk food and joined a running group. Within no time I lost three stone.

I felt amazing, but as everyone else congratulated me on my new slim frame, Simon withdrew more than ever.

I had a renewed zest for life and spent my weekends running races or working out. I even got a job at a gym.

I’d never been healthier but there was one big problem… Simon.

Simon said he loved my new shape but he wasn’t ready to change himself. He was simply too stubborn and refused to join in my new healthy, active lifestyle.

‘Can’t we go out for dinner instead,’ he’d shrug. But when we got to the restaurant, I’d cringe at the junk food piled high on his plate.

I no longer had the stomach for our massive meals. But Simon had lost interest in doing anything else, and soon we started to live separate lives.

As I concentrated on working out, Simon binged on greasy kebabs for lunch, washed down with six cans of energy drinks a day.

I begged Simon to think about his health and switch to healthier meals, but if anything his bulky body only got bigger.

I was at my wits’ end and soon our relationship was at breaking point. I still loved the person Simon was, but I no longer found him attractive.

‘Why don’t you come running with me?’ I’d ask him, hoping he’d want to get fit and enjoy some time together. But Simon refused.

‘It’s ok, I’ll see you when you get back,’ he’d shrug, sinking back into the sofa to watch telly.

The truth was, we’d become completely different people. I spent my weekends running races, while Simon refused to cheer me on, instead opting to stay at home with the kids.

By October 2017, it felt like we were simply co-existing and we led completely different lifestyles. It was time to take drastic action.

But nothing I did seemed to work, and despite countless arguments and heart to hearts, Simon continued to put his life at risk.

I was desperate for Simon to see that he was killing himself, but more than that how his binge eating was ruining our marriage.

So I took a deep breath and issued my stark ultimatum: ‘It’s me or the kebabs!’ I announced firmly.

My heart broke as Simon’s eyes brimmed with tears. I felt awful, but I didn’t know any other way to get my man in shape.

‘We can’t live like this anymore,’ I cried. My words hit Simon like a ton of bricks, and he reluctantly promised to try.

‘I’ll do it for you’ he said.

I was desperate to save Simon - and our marriage - but I knew it was going to take some tough love.

But despite my ultimatum, Simon didn’t change his disastrous diet. He was going to need some encouragement.

‘Look, she can do it, so can you,’ I told Simon, showing him some before and after photos of my friend’s incredible 10 stone weight loss.

‘She did it with Slimming World, it could work so well for you,’ I tried to persuade him. Our marriage was on the line so when Simon reluctantly agreed to go to a class, my heart soared.

Before he had a chance to change his mind, I asked my friend to pick Simon up and take him to the next Slimming World meeting with her.

‘Have fun,’ I smiled, waving Simon off to the group. As the minutes ticked by I hoped Simon had the motivation he needed.

Returning from his first session, I quizzed him on his new diet. ‘It looks really good, I can even still have a fry up!’ He grinned.

It was the reaction I had hoped for, and I cleared out the cupboards in a desperate bid to keep Simon on track.

My ultimatum was harsh, but it worked. Within two weeks, Simon lost an amazing 12lbs. ‘Well done,’ I smiled, as Simon showed off his loss.

I felt so proud, and best of all my hubby was changing before my eyes. As Simon shrunk in size, we grew closer.

It was the motivation he needed and as the weight fell away, my man’s confidence grew. It felt like I was getting my husband back.

So when Simon asked if he could come running with me, I was over the moon. ‘Of course!’ I laughed. I couldn’t wait to get Simon active.

Working out together brought us closer than ever and in April 2019, just 18 months on, Simon had lost a staggering 14 stone.

‘You look amazing,’ I told Simon as he showed off his new frame. I couldn’t believe how hunky my man looked.

I’d never fancied him more and when my daughter’s friends saw us out together, she thought I’d bagged myself a new fella! ‘You really are my brand new hubby,’ we laughed.

Our marriage had become stronger than ever, and soon Simon was as keen a runner as me. ‘Let’s do a race every weekend!’ He suggested.

I couldn’t believe the difference as we travelled the country exercising and spending time together as a family. In just over a year, Simon had completely overhauled his life.

Now, Simon and I are happier than ever, and it’s safe to say Slimming World well and truly saved our marriage.

I can’t believe how amazing my brand new hubby looks. I’m just so glad that when I issued that ultimatum my hubby chose me over the kebabs!

Simon says: “Lisa was really active and she’d been on about me losing weight for years. I started piling on the pounds in my early twenties and my diet was really bad. I would binge on six energy drinks a day, and countless takeaways. I would even order them to the office for lunch. Before I lost the weight we had individual lifestyles. I worked in an office and I didn’t really move. All I was interested in was going to the pub or going out for dinner, and that was pretty much it. I wasn’t really supportive of Lisa’s health kick. I knew it was affecting us but I just couldn’t find the motivation to lose the weight, until Lisa showed me those pictures. She was amazing, whenever I felt like I wanted to give up she wouldn’t let me. I have a new lease of life now! Lisa and I now joke that I’m her ‘new’ hubby. Our marriage is so much stronger because of it, we’re even thinking of renewing our vows next year. We’re different people then when we first met, but we’ve both changed for the better.”

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