Hannah couldn’t wait for a romantic trip to Sardinia with her fella, but when she was hospitalised Adam didn’t waste any time looking for another travelling companion... By Hannah Sherratt, 26

When the new message popped up on the screen, I sighed. I was on the dating website Zoosk, but I’d never had any luck on it. 

Guys just seemed to be after one thing - but I wanted romantic dates and cosy nights in, a proper relationship.

But immediately, I knew Adam was different.

This sounds promising… I thought, as I scrolled through his profile.

Gorgeous and friendly, he was training to be an accountant and had his own house. Mentally, I ticked all the boxes.

‘I’m looking for a serious relationship,’ he typed. My heart leapt. I felt like I’d struck gold.

We quickly got talking, first online and then on the phone. Adam was as sweet and intelligent as his profile suggested and I was quickly smitten.

Not that I let him know that - I played hard to get as I turned down his invitations to meet in person.

‘Soon,’ I told him coyly. ‘But not yet...’

Adam had already secured a job at top accounting firm and owned a lovely house - I was getting increasingly tempted to take him up on his offer.

After so many failed dates and relationships I’d built up some barriers but Adam was keen, and I didn’t want to let him go.

‘Let’s do it,’ I finally relented. ‘Let’s go on a date.’

When he asked me to meet him at the local museum I thought it was a bit strange - but it was different and it beat the local ice rink or cinema, where previous guys had suggested.

Adam excitedly showed me round an exhibition about lights. It wasn’t really my thing but I couldn’t help but be drawn in by his passion for it all. So sweet.

Afterwards we went for drinks and talked... and talked. I loved that Adam was sensitive and emotional - he was so much more mature than anyone I’d spent an evening with.

‘I hope we can do this again,’ he said, as he kissed me on the top of the head at the end of the evening.

I couldn't believe my luck. My friends were green with envy when I described Adam. ‘He’s a keeper,’ they giggled.

I was still determined to take things slowly, and I wasn’t about to jump into bed with him. But Adam was persistent.

He rang and texted me continuously. I felt like he'd swept me off my feet.

It was another four months before we finally became intimate, and by then I was ready to move into his comfy house in Sheffield.

Adam was working for a nearby firm of chartered accountants and I was travelling to study at Derby University, but every night was romantic and fun.

It wasn’t long before he told me he loved me. ‘Thank you,’ I blushed back. Inside, I was screaming with joy, but I wasn’t ready to say it back yet.

We soon settled into a routine, me studying and Adam working. He was so dedicated and often worked late, but I’d always be waiting for him with a cooked meal and a clean house.

Domestic bliss!

But it wasn’t long before Adam was working late every night.

‘I’m so sorry, sweetheart,’ he blustered as he bundled through the door. ‘It’s so busy at work, I’m up to my eyes.’

He didn’t need to apologise. I admired his work ethic and I knew he was doing it to build a future for us.

Still, I didn’t mind when Adam offered me overblown romantic gifts to make up for his absence.

“Two tickets for a long weekend in Sardinia,” he beamed - thrusting a pair of expensive looking tickets into my hand.

Wow! Sun, sand and… some alone time with my man. I couldn’t wait!

The trip was just a few weeks away so I busily began updating my holiday wardrobe - I wanted to look knockout on the beach and glam for cocktails in the evening sun.

But a week before we were due to fly out, I started having problems swallowing. When I couldn’t stop being sick I was rushed to hospital, where tests revealed I was suffering with liver failure.

I knew things were bad when the doctors ordered my parents to be at my bedside.

‘But what about about our holiday?’ I stuttered. I should have been worried about myself, but all I could think about was Adam - and our romantic getaway.

‘I’m sorry,’ doctors explained. ‘We can’t let you leave the ward - let alone fly out to Sardinia.’

I couldn’t believe it. I’d been so looking forward to my sunshine break with Adam.

‘Let’s cancel the booking, we can go another time,’ Adam offered when I broke the bad news. It was typical Adam, always putting me first.

But the tickets were non-refundable and I was determined not to be a spoil sport - I knew he’d been looking forward to a break as much as I had, so suggested he take a mate with him instead.

‘Well I suppose I could ask Robert if he’d like to go…?’ he murmured.

Robert was an old friend of Adam’s. I hadn’t met him but I knew the pair of them would have a good time together and, as luck would have it, Robert was free.

Six days later, they jetted out to the Mediterranean island - while I was stuck in my hospital bed.

I was gutted, but I knew Adam would be missing me and he kept me up to date with regular pictures of himself on his ‘lads’ holiday’. He was even wearing his beloved Chelsea FC top in one beach shot.

By the time he got back, I was on the mend and we settled back into our cuddly nights in. Things couldn’t be better… until I saw some pictures of a mystery girl on Adam’s mobile phone.

‘We met her in Sardinia,’ Adam shrugged. ‘She’d run out of memory space on her camera so asked me to take a photo for her.’

He didn’t seem in the slightest bit fazed and it seemed plausible enough, so I thought nothing more of it.

I was falling for Adam in a big way, and the next month we had a romantic night in together.

We’d ordered a takeaway before enjoying a steamy session between the sheets. We were snuggled up in bed together when I came right out with it.

‘I love you,’ I whispered, nuzzling into his neck.

It was the first time I’d said it and after all the time he’d waited to hear me say those words, I expected Adam to be over the moon.

But he just shifted uncomfortably and made an excuse to go off to the toilet. 10 minutes later I was still waiting for him to return.

What had I said?

When he finally came back he could barely look me in the eye. I knew something was up, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what.

That night he made several trips to the toilet - and each time he took his phone with him. That’s when I began to think the unthinkable. Was Adam cheating?

I had to know, so when he left his phone unattended I took my chance and grabbed it. The phone was turned off.

My heart was pounding as I fumbled with the buttons and tried to turn it on. I didn’t have much time...

After what seemed like an eternity, the screen flashed on and as I scrolled through his messages, one name jumped out. Jess.

I knew the name from Adam’s work. She was a trainee accountant. He’d talked about her quite a bit, but he’d always described her as dull.

These messages were anything but dull. I felt sick as I read the countless explicit texts between the pair.

‘Hannah, what are you doing?’ he shouted, as he burst in on me.

‘What am I doing?’ I screamed. ‘More like, what have you been playing at?!’

Adam was trying to tell me he could explain it all, but I’d seen enough. I was packing my bags as we argued, and with a slam of the door I was gone.

I was devastated. I’d finally committed to the man I thought was The One, I’d just told him I loved him - and now this!

Somehow, during the argument I’d managed to take a note of Jess’s phone number and the next afternoon when I couldn’t get hold of Adam, I knew exactly what to do.

A woman’s voice answered the phone. ‘Hi, you don’t know me,’ I explained. ‘But I’ve been living with Adam for the past five months.’

‘What!’ she gasped. ‘He’s here with me right now. I’m just getting changed.’ I could hear Adam’s voice in the background. He was trying to tell Jess that I was a mad woman.

My blood boiled. He’d lied to her too.

It was immediately obvious that Jess knew nothing about me and slowly, I began to piece it all together…

All those late nights, working hard at the office - was he with her all along?

I could still hear Adam in the background on the other end of line, trying to convince Jess that I was a psycho as I reeled off a long list of details, to prove to Jess that we’d been together…

The colour of his bedsheets, what he wore to work on Friday - even the contents of his fridge!

I didn’t think the situation could get any worse, but then Jess delivered the final insult. She explained that I couldn’t be his girlfriend as she’d recently holidayed with Adam… in Sardinia.

‘That was my holiday!’ I screamed down the line. ‘He was going with me - but I fell ill!’

But she was having none of it. Jess claimed that the plan had always been that her and Adam would be going on the dream trip.

I couldn’t believe the audacity of that rat. He’d packed for our romantic getaway and taken her!

He’d even sent me sunny snaps as I lay in my hospital bed. Sick.

I’ve heard the pair are still together but their welcome to each other. I’m well shot of the rat that found his way from sewer to the sands of Sardinia.

Adam says: “I don’t really want to discuss this to be honest, mate. No [I don’t disagree with the story as it’s been put to me]. I’ll have a word with Hannah herself. Thanks very much for calling.”

Jess says: “She can do whatever she likes. Yeah looks like it [that she and Hannah were seeing Adam at the same time]. Yeah, I went with him [to Sardinia]. He was never going with a bloke.”

Hannah wanted to name and shame her love rat boyfriend when he came back from their holiday with an unexpected souvenir! If you've been betrayed or had a holiday disaster and want to share it and earn £££s, get in touch now to find out how it works.


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