I was terrified when my fiance, Jamie, suffered a series of fits. But when I grabbed his phone to call for help I lifted the lid on his lies... By Sally Lane, 39

I laughed as a cheeky text appeared on my mobile phone.

‘Alright gorgeous? How are you?’

‘Not bad,’ I replied. ‘Could be better though.’

‘How about I take you out for a drink, see if that makes a difference?’ came the reply, along with a winky face.

I met Jamie, 40, when he helped deliver a wardrobe to my house in July 2013. As he carried the piece of furniture upstairs, I caught myself blushing - which I didn’t often do around men.

He grinned as he caught me looking, and just before he left he turned to me shyly.

‘I don’t usually do this,’ he said. ‘But do you think I could get your number?’

I blushed again as I typed my digits into his phone.

After texting for a few weeks, we arranged to meet up for a drink, and there was an instant spark between us.

A real charmer, Jamie had a way of making me laugh like nobody else and as we chatted away, I felt like I’d known him for years.

‘So, how come you’re single then?’ he asked.

‘I had a stroke in March 2012,’ I replied. ‘I’ve recovered but it’s been hard to date since then.’

‘I know what you mean,’ he replied, nodding. ‘I mean, it’s not the same obviously but I’ve got really bad epilepsy, so it gets in the way a bit doesn’t it?’

The truth was, I’d given up hope of finding love again after my stroke. I’d lost most of my confidence, but then Jamie came into my life and completely swept me off my feet.

As well as being good looking, he was warm, friendly and charming, and really looked after me.

He treated me like a complete princess - so it didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels in love with him.

We dated for a while before I decided to introduce Jamie to my kids from a previous relationship, Amy, now 16, and Myki, now 13.

He was great with them, and their seal of approval was all I needed. Things soon got serious between us and when I found out I was pregnant with our own baby, we were over the moon.

Doctors warned it could be risky after my stroke, but after talking it through, we decided to continue with the pregnancy.

Jamie was desperate to be a dad and I was determined to give him a child as I loved the idea of us becoming a little family.

He was great during the pregnancy and thankfully, our little girl, Poppy, was born safe and well in January 2015.

Watching Jamie cradling his little girl in his arms, I thought my heart would burst with joy.

Then a year later, on Valentine’s Day 2016, I walked through the front door to find him waiting for me nervously in the living room.

‘You make me feel so happy,’ he said, handing me a ring box. ‘Will you marry me?’

I gasped in shock. It was a surprise, but I was thrilled.

‘Of course I will!’ I shrieked, before throwing my arms around him.

Jamie proposal was the icing on the cake. We agreed to start saving for a wedding and the idea of becoming Jamie’s wife filled me with happiness.

We spent the next two years living in domestic bliss, interrupted only by Jamie working away from home as part of his job as a landscape gardener. I missed him when he was away, but he worked hard for his family and always kept in touch with me so I knew he was safe.

But my happiness was soon shattered by a devastating bombshell.

It wasn’t unusual for Jamie to suffer a seizure from time to time due to his epilepsy, but one day in June 2018, he complained that he was feeling unwell.

‘I just feel really weird Sal,’ he said, running his hands through his hair. Half an hour later, he had a seizure.

I wasn’t too worried at first, but when he had two further fits that afternoon, I knew something was wrong.

‘I’ll be ok, I just need to sleep,’ he murmured as he lay on the sofa. That’s when he passed out, completely exhausted.

Looking at him, I knew I needed advice. Frantic, I grabbed Jamie’s phone to dial 999.

But as I unlocked the mobile and the screen lit up, I felt the bile rise in my throat. There on the screen was an explicit message, from a woman I didn’t know.

I couldn’t help but click on it, only to find hundreds of similar messages, from lots of different women.

‘The other night was fun,’ one read. ‘When are we doing it again?’

Another simply read: ‘Are you booking a hotel for us or what?’

My world crashed around me as I realised the devastating truth. My fiance had been exchanging loads of explicit messages and pictures with dozens of women.

He’d been arranging to meet them for sex and sending them loads naked pictures of himself. He was even on dating sites and messaging women on there too.


It was almost too much to bear but somehow, I kept my cool as I phoned emergency services.

‘Hello, my partner is very unwell,’ I stammered. ‘He’s had three epileptic seizures and he’s passed out.’

‘Ok, as long as he’s breathing he’ll be fine, just monitor him closely while he recovers,’ the operator said.

‘Ok,’ I replied. My heart thudded in my chest as I then phoned his dad to tell him Jamie was unwell.

After I hung up the call. I simply sat there in silence as Jamie slept, completely unaware that he’d smashed my heart into pieces and torn our family apart.

I wanted to shake him awake and scream at him for what he’d done. How many women had he slept with behind my back? How long had he been lying to me?

‘How could you do this to us?’ I muttered quietly.

For the rest of the evening, I tried my best to pretend everything was ok, even though I could barely keep a lid on my hurt and anger.

When he woke up, I made him a cup of tea, although I wanted to pour it on his head. I didn’t confront him, for fear of triggering another fit.

When Jamie picked up his phone and started typing a message, I tried my best to look away and pretend I knew nothing about his disgusting deceit.

‘Shall we watch a film?’ he suggested, and I nodded weakly.

When he tried to put his arm around me, I stiffened. I knew there and then that I would never forgive him.

‘Everything ok love?’ he asked. I nodded in response, unable to get any words out.

The next day was Father’s Day, so I did my best to focus my attention on Poppy. Jamie had no further fits and seemed well enough to mess about with her all day, but the sound of her giggles almost made me sob.

That evening, I confronted him.

‘Are you feeling better?’ I asked coldly.

‘Yes much better now, thanks love,’ he replied. ‘What’s wrong with you?’

‘I know everything,’ I spat. ‘I saw your phone you slimy rat. I saw your disgusting messages, I know you’ve been seeing other women and sleeping with anything that moves.’

All the colour disappeared from Jamie’s face.

‘I’m so sorry,’ he started, but I interrupted him.

‘I don’t want to hear it,’ I snapped. ‘I need you to leave.’

Jamie begged for another chance but my mind was made up. As far as I’m concerned, I’m better off without him. It was a bitter blow but I’m trying my best to move on with my life and I’m putting Poppy first.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over the day I dialled 999 to discover my fiance wasn’t dying - he was lying.

Jamie said: “That’s pretty much what happened yeah. I want to sort things out with Sally. What I did was wrong I know that, and I obviously regret it because we’ve been together a long time. So I want to sort things out. I wasn’t unhappy with Sally, I just made some mistakes. I still love her.”

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