I thought my hubby was gaming but when I discovered it was a call of booty, I decided to name and shame. By Kelly Allan, 39

I carefully applied the finishing touches to my make-up and took a long look in the mirror.

“Here goes,” I said to myself, pulling on my coat and heading to out to meet my date.

I first met Michael through mutual friends in October 2014. I fancied him straight away and when he asked for my number, I happily punched it into his phone.

In addition to his good looks, Michael was a real charmer, and we got on instantly.

Heavily into his gaming, he was a bit of a nerd - but I liked that about him and besides, he was very sweet.

He whisked me off my feet and it wasn’t long before we were in a serious relationship.

Michael treated me like a princess and doted on my two girls from a previous relationship, Carly, now nine, and Lilly, now seven.

I soon fell head over heels for him and within a few months of us being together, he told me that he loved me.

It was fast - but it felt completely right.

“I love you too,” I said, a smile spreading across my face.

After that, we were inseparable.

One night in March 2015, we were in bed and Michael suddenly turned to me with a serious look on his face.

“Do you fancy getting married?” he blurted out. “I’ve never felt like this about anyone before.”

I was stunned… but happy.

“Yes of course I will!” I shrieked, throwing my arms around him.

“I haven’t got a ring,” he said, blushing. “But we can go out and get one tomorrow. We can choose it together, if you like.”

And just like that, we were planning a wedding.

A year later, in March 2016, we got hitched in an intimate ceremony. As we exchanged our vows in front of our family and friends, I was on cloud nine. I felt so happy to be Michael’s wife, and I couldn’t wait to settle into married life with him.

Michael was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and I felt on top of the world. I loved coming home to him every evening.

After an hour or two of cuddling up on the sofa, he’d often play games until it was time to go to sleep. But I didn’t mind - it was important that he had his own space.

A year later, in March 2017, I started to feel unwell, so I took a pregnancy test. When two blue lines appeared on the stick, my jaw dropped.

“It’s positive,” I muttered to myself.

I waited patiently for Michael to return home from his job at the local corner shop so I could tell him the news.

“I’m pregnant,” I blurted out as soon as he walked through the front door.

I took a deep breath as I waited for his response. I wasn’t sure if Michael even wanted children of his own and we hadn’t been trying for a baby. But to my surprise he reacted with a big smile.

“That’s great news,” he grinned. “We’ll be a proper family.”

I was thrilled, and couldn’t wait for the arrival of our baby. Michael couldn’t wait to be a dad, and I knew from the way he cared for my girls that he would be fantastic with a baby.

When we discovered we were expecting a little girl, we were over the moon.

“She’s going to be such a Daddy’s girl,” I teased.

“Too right,” Michael replied. “She’s my little princess - I can’t wait to meet her.”

As my pregnancy progressed, Michael got more and more excited to be a dad. We prepared a nursery for her arrival, and he worked extra shifts at work to earn more money for the baby.

When Gracie-May was born in December 2017, I’d never felt happier. As I watched Michael cradle her in his arms, my heart swelled with love.

He was every inch a doting dad and watching him with her made me full to the brim with happiness. He adored her from the moment he first set eyes on her, and the girls loved her too.

My family felt complete, but a few weeks later, things began to change.

Michael became more and more distant. In addition to working longer hours, he’d often come home and go straight on his Xbox - ignoring me and the kids.

I’d been looking forward to having an extra pair of hands to help with the baby, but Michael suddenly wasn’t interested in changing nappies.

“You haven’t seen the girls all day,” I said as I brought him a cup of tea.

“I’ll see them in a minute,” he shrugged. “I’ve had a long day and I need to relax.”

But he never kept his word and instead of spending time with his family he spent hours locked away on his Xbox, playing games like Call of Duty and Final Fantasy.

I tried to be understanding. I assumed Michael was struggling to adjust to life with a newborn baby, but when he became distant and protective over his phone, something didn’t compute.

That’s when I decided to turn detective.

One day while he was at work, I managed to guess the password for Michael’s computer. I’d never done anything like that before and my heart hammered as I logged into his Facebook account.

But nothing could have prepared me for what I found. My hubby had been messaging another woman.

Although he had nicknamed her ‘Little Darkness’, I could see her name was Courtney - and to my horror I realised she couldn’t be older than 18.

He’d been messaging her for months, telling her how hard he had it at home. In one message, he’d even told her he loved her.

Bile rose in my throat as I scrolled back through their conversations.


All those hours on Call of Duty were nothing more than a sordid call of booty.

When I confronted him with the evidence, he couldn’t exactly deny it. That cyber rat was well and truly caught in his web of lies.

“Nothing has happened between us,” he insisted. “She’s a lass I met in the shop, and we got chatting online. But we’ve not met up since then, I swear. I’ve never kissed her or anything like that.”

“How am I supposed to believe that?” I spat. “All that time you were locked away ‘gaming’ and you were really talking to her instead of being with your family. You’ve got a newborn baby girl at home. How could you?”

“I didn’t do anything,” he said. “Besides - I haven’t been happy with you for months now.”

His words hit like heavy punches.

“Well, you’ve lost everything now,” I replied. “You’ve been caught red-handed. You’re lucky I didn’t smash up your precious Xbox. I should have thrown it out of the window!”

The colour drained from his face at the suggestion.

“Just get your stuff and leave,” I said coldly. “I can’t even look at you anymore.”

And with that, he walked out of my home and out of my life.

I’ve now started divorce proceedings and although I was devastated to find my hubby was scoring online, I know I’m better off without him.

Michael was cheating, not gaming - so now I’m naming and shaming him!

Michael said: “I don’t regret messaging the other lass but I regret hurting Kelly. But it was for the best. I didn’t love her anymore. I told her that months before. Gaming has been my escape since a very young age. That’s just a part of my DNA now, it’s a part of me. I’ve always gamed. The gaming world is my second life, basically. I could sit there for days without moving. I’d get up, go to work, come home and then play the computer until the early hours, then into repeat. But I suppose I did do it a little bit more when I realised that I was falling out of love with her, yeah. The girl I was messaging was a regular customer to the shop where I worked, she came in almost every day. She asked for my name and she added me on Facebook and it went from there. A week later, she told me she liked me. We were saying quite strong things to each other, yeah. But nothing physical was ever going to happen. She was too young anyway, she has only just turned 18.”

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